What astrological sign is november 13

Teachers and travelers pressured by their roles and goals, Scorpios born on the 13th of November carry knowledge they are meant to share but their beliefs.
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Get ready for your world to change forever.

Capricorn: Jan. Aquarius: Feb.

November 13th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Scorpio - Part 2

Pisces: March April Aries: April May Taurus: May June Gemini: June July Cancer: July Aug. Leo: Aug. Virgo: Sept. Libra: Oct.

Your life is a lie: The zodiac has changed — here's your (new?) sign

Or Leos, whose sense of self is strong. Geminis, both sides of you may be rocked. Are you sitting down? Because the zodiac has changed.

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What you long believed was your astrological sign may not be your astrological sign. The dates for the Western zodiac calendar have, it turns out, shifted , with each one starting later — like, a lot later. If you were a Capricorn born in early to mid-January, you're now a Sagittarius.

Scorpio The Scorpion

Cancers born in early to mid-July? Stop being such emotional cry-babies.

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You're actually Geminis. Oh, and there's a new 13th astrological sign now: Ophiuchus.